Currently, I see my patients in their own homes at no extra charge above my standard fee.

Your homoeopathic consultation will be very different from a consultation with your GP. Whereas your doctor will have around four minutes to find out what your problem is and to prescribe for it, your homoeopathic consultation will take considerably longer. A first homoeopathic consultation will take at least an hour and often longer than that.  Follow up consultations are at least half an hour.  

Homoeopaths are rather like detectives who search carefully for clues as to what has led to your complaint. Sometimes there will be an obvious cause, but sometimes, the clue will lie deeply buried.

An example of a relatively straightforward cause of a chest infection:

A lady is mugged and her bag with several hundred pounds is stolen. Although she isn’t seriously hurt, she develops a chest infection for which her GP prescribes antibiotics. Despite the antibiotics, the infection gets worse and it looks as if she will have to be admitted to hospital. At this point she seeks  help from her homoeopath who prescribes the remedy ‘ignatia’ on the symptom, ‘ailments  from grief, fright or emotional shock’.  The  patient immediately starts to feel better and within two days the infection has gone entirely.

In the above case, the cause is very recent and easy for a homoeopath to see. In many complaints though, the cause will lie much more deeply buried. I will therefore collect as full history as possible of your health since you were a child and because homoeopaths prescribe according to the principle of like curing like, I must also collect a very wide and seemingly disparate collection of symptoms and sensations that will guide me to choosing a remedy that is capable of producing symptoms similar to the symptoms you complain of.  Sometimes I send out a questionnaire which helps patients to think about the sort of things they will be asked about.

After your consultation has ended I will use a number of sophisticated techniques in order to match what you have told me to a suitable remedy which I will then prescribe for you.  

In some cases, you will be prescribed just one tablet, while in others, you may be prescribed a number of tablets. Unlike medicines from your doctor, these tablets are sucked, not swallowed.  They are best taken at bedtime and at least 20 minutes away from food, drink, toothpaste etc. Sometimes, you will be asked to take your remedy as a liquid. If this happens you will be given separate instructions.

Follow up appointments are usually arranged for four weeks after the initial consultation.

"The physician's highest calling, his only calling is to make sick people healthy - to heal, as it is termed." Dr Samuel Hahnemann, founder of homoeopathy

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