People are often surprised to learn that the medicine given to you by your homoeopath doesn’t directly treat your complaint.

Rather, it stimulates your body’s own natural healing response. Because a patient’s remedy or remedies are carefully chosen to be able to create similar symptoms to the ones to be cured this can sometimes cause a short, slight aggravation of symptoms but this by no means always happens.

Many patients are very surprised that they gain a reaction to their remedy or remedies very quickly indeed. Some people will notice a change for the better in less than twenty-four hours although some people may feel slightly worse for a day or so before they start to feel better. This is completely normal.

A slight aggravation is usually a sign that an improvement will follow soon.

Because one of the ways a patient will react is by throwing off whatever negative influence has been causing the problem, they may well experience an increase in activity from the usual organs of elimination. A patient may feel the need to visit the toilet more often for a time or may find themselves perspiring more often than usual for a short time. These experiences are the body’s natural means of shedding toxins.

When reporting improvements, patients often mention feelings such as:

    Reduced stress and worry

    Increased energy and vitality

    Increased confidence

    Feeling happier and healthier

Over time this can lead to improved long term health

Because the change in health is brought about by the patient’s own healing energies, improvements are usually felt to be very natural and in no way strange or unusual as patients sometimes report after taking drugs prescribed by their GP.

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